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At Kvarnby you'll become a part of a unique and welcoming folk high school environment. Tea and coffee is free for our students, so feel encouraged to use our cafeteria for a chat with your class mates and teachers. We teach Swedish in small classes, offer you the services of our study support team and can provide you with social counselling, which may be of use if you have to get in touch with authorities and others. Arabic, Dari, English, Spanish, French and German are some of the languages our staff is able to communicate in.

We are running Swedish tuition classes. If you have a residence permit and a Swedish personal number you are entitled to Swedish tuition for immigrants (SFI - Svenska för invandrare). You find more general information on Swedish tuition for immigrants at this site. Please note that we offer the SFI-courses 2B, 2C, 3C and 3D at our school.

You do have the right to chose Kvarnby folk high school as your SFI-school of choice.You cannot apply for a SFI-spot directly, though. As your studies are financed by your city of residence, you enroll for your Swedish tuition at your local municipal study counselling centre, usually called "Vägledningscentrum" - VLC. If you are a resident of the city Malmö, you vill find the VLC at Föreningsgatan 7a, close to Triangeln.

Just tell the officers at VLC that you want to study SFI at Kvarnby folk high school and they'll register your choice of school. At Kvarnby you can choose to study 15 hours or 21 hours per week. As soon as we get notice, we will get in touch with you.

By the way, even if you do not live in Malmö, you can study SFI here. Just contact the study counselling centre in your home city.

All of our Swedish classes are located at our city premises, close to Värnhemstorget in central Malmö.

If you are a more advanced Swedish speaker, you are applicable for a specific course for students who have finished the final SFI level and need to study more Swedish in order to be able to apply for further adult education or university education in Sweden.

Are you interested in more detailed information? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Våra kurser

Allmän linje

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Introducerande Allmän kurs

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Study Swedish at Kvarnby! Du kan läsa SFI hos oss! Läs mer.

Vänsterns akademi

Kvarnby folkhögskola är den breda vänsterns skola. Här hittar du vårt utbud av politiska kurser. Läs mer.

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